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AppIC Crosschain Swap on ICP

Cross-chain token swapping made possible by AppIC DAO! First-ever infrastructure layer built on ICP that allows users and Dapps to transfer and swap tokens between ICP and different blockchains such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Solana, and EVM chains, completely on-chain.

AppIC DAO on IC Ecosystem

AppIC Visual

Key Features

AppIC Swap

AppIC Swap revolutionizes cross-chain token swapping by leveraging the Internet Computer (ICP) as an intermediary. It enables users to seamlessly exchange tokens between different blockchains, enhancing interoperability and liquidity provision within the decentralized ecosystem.

Appic Protocol
Appic Protocol

AppIC Terminal

AppIC Terminal serves as a vital component within the AppIC ecosystem, facilitating seamless asset transfers between the Internet Computer (IC) and other blockchain networks. It addresses the interoperability challenges faced by users and enhances connectivity within the decentralized ecosystem.

AppIC DeFi

AppIC DeFi introduces innovative solutions for decentralized finance (DeFi) activities within the Internet Computer (IC) ecosystem. It comprises two core features: Auto Invest and Multiswap, aimed at enhancing portfolio management, liquidity provision, and trading efficiency.

Appic Protocol



Our Roadmap

Q4 2023

ICP Developer Grant

- ICP grant approval

- PoC and conceptual designing on auto invest

Q1 2024

AppIC DeFi ( Auto Invest )

- User Interface development

- Design and develop functionality canister

- Integrating, Testing and deployment of frontend and backend canister

Q2 2024

AppIC Governance

- Initiate AppIC DAO SNS

- Cross Chain Communication & Minting Canister development and integration with EVM RPC Canister for native tokens

- Helper Smart Contract Development and Testing on EVM compatible chains on Testnet

Q3 2024

AppIC Terminal

- UI Design and development

- Testing the event logs and on chain transaction verification

- Testing the backend functionality of AppIC Terminal by transferring native token from EVM chain to IC

- Deployment and Auditing

Q4 2024

AppIC Swap (1st Phase)

- Swap between Non IC tokens to ICP tokens and vice versa

- Dex integration for AppIC Swap

- User Interface development

- Testing, auditing and deployment of AppIC Swap

Q1 2025

AppIC Swap (2nd Phase)

- Development for swapping between Non IC tokens to Non IC ICP tokens

- Testing and auditing of canisters

- Deployment


Got questions about AppIC DAO? We're here to clarify.

AppIC is a comprehensive platform within the Internet Computer ecosystem designed to enhance the functionality of decentralized finance (DeFi). It integrates several services including AppIC Terminal, AppIC DeFi, and AppIC Swap to provide robust tools for asset management, token swapping, and cross-chain transactions.

The AppIC platform is open to anyone interested in DeFi activities. It serves cryptocurrency traders, investors, and blockchain enthusiasts looking to manage assets across various blockchain networks efficiently.

AppIC Terminal is a cross-chain transfer facility that enables the seamless transfer of assets across various blockchains, including major ones like Ethereum and Solana, and Layer 2 solutions such as Base, Arbitrum, and zkSync to ICP.

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